A trio brings big emotion to the chamber repertory
...an uncommon degree of heart-on-the-sleeve emotional frankness...the ensemble’s unanimity of approach — vivid engagement carried by soaring, ripely Romantic playing — proved quite splendid. Its performance possessed a passionate single-mindedness that wound up serving all of the score’s varied moods, right through to a finale of exhilarating panache. It’s not often that a chamber performance makes a listener long to hear all the ensemble members in the big-concerto repertoire, but this one certainly did.

— The WASHINGTON POST, July 2016

"...incredible ensemble, passionate playing, articulate and imaginative ideas, and wide palette of colours. Performed with sensitivity, panache and emotional depth, [Ravel's Piano Trio] perfectly displayed the Lysander Trio’s enormous potential." 

The STRAD, April 2014

Classical Trio Graced Audience with Passion
"Though they played three different instruments, the trio came together as one sound. The performers adjusted to each other, complementing their peers’ passion and drive. The three artists transitioned between movements and moods effortlessly, a skill that has been refined during their years of playing together. These graceful transitions were not limited to their music. After each set, the three performers alternated between introducing the next piece and its composer. “I came in blind, and was really surprised (by) how amazing they were,” said sophomore Clara Suh. “That was fantastic.”"

 PURDUE EXPONENT, January 2014

The Art of Collaboration, In Action
"... the excellent Lysander group... Ms. Stepanova, who demonstrated technical assurance and thoughtful musicality throughout the program, played with a limpid touch in the opening of Schubert...and fleet-fingered panache in John Musto’s colorful, rhythmically vivid and energetic Piano Trio (1998). She had fine partners in Mr. Zorman and Mr. Katz, who both whom performed with rich sound and nuanced musicianship in the varied works, resulting in a finely hued collaboration among the three musicians...."

 The NEW YORK TIMES, April 2014

The Youths’ Magic Strings
The Lysander Piano Trio played [Shostakovich's early Piano Trio No. 1] fully formed, with the kind of vitality and enthusiasm which perhaps can only be found in such a highly talented group... [In John Musto's Piano Trio] above all the three showed their technical mojo. Pianist Liza Stepanova had music which could have been played by Oscar Peterson, playful piano-playing which always reached its mark, while the two Israelis, Itamar Zorman and Michael Katz, had that all-American spirit which Mr. Musto gave them... 
 [Jakub Ciupinski's Commissioned Work] was arresting, haunting, and in its own way absolutely gorgeous... [Brahms' Piano Trio in C Major] was played with love by these three... The encore was truly special. Moshe Zorman, father of the violinist, is a noted composer himself, and his own Trio was offered. A jaunty series of tunes ... were played with delightful gusto. It was a fitting tribute from son to father, and in essence, from artists to their audience."

 ConcertoNET, April 2014

Lysander Piano Trio Creates Flawless Evening of Music
"...Young and energetic, this group let the crowd know from the downbeat of the opening Shostakovich "Piano Trio No. 1 in C minor, Opus 8" that they were here to play their hearts out and have a good time doing it... The Mendelssohn "Piano Trio in D Minor, Opus 49" rounded out the playbill. Flawless technique from Stepanova set the scene for the underlying arpeggios of movement one. A ravishing andante second movement opened with its simple melody embraced by all. The scherzo was on target from measure one with incredible precision. Every turn, every tempo change was extremely well planned in the work’s finale... The 100 or so patrons offered immediate standing applause. Mendelssohn would have loved the way the Lysander Piano Trio played it."